“Whatever happens in the world is real, what one thinks should have happened is projection. We suffer more from our fictitious illusion and expectations of reality.”~ J Fresco 
An old movie projector and other assorted articles.

Yes, sometimes things are based on illusion.  Movies, for sure.  Photographs, possibly.  Even people can be, at times (or who you thought they were).  And in the end, we all make our own illusions and we also make our own reality.

This projector was on the outside porch of a huge antique barn located in a nearby town.  The store (it’s really more  like a huge house) has been featured in “American Pickers” and I have only actually been able to get in the place one time in about a dozen that I have stopped there. And when I did finally make it in, it was filled with a ton of vintage treasures.  I collect vintage things that I just can’t resist not having…I have a 1920s kids bicycle, a 1970s PINK typewriter, vintage cameras, etc.  Sometimes I think of them as decorative items, sometimes photo props and sometimes they fit into neither category.  The only must…..I must absolutely love the item in order to buy it!

Oh, and according to the sign, root beer was once made with roots, barks and herbs, not hyperphosphatosis (I made that up). Ah, the good old days;  I do think things were simpler way back when.


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