“At any street corner the feeling of absurdity can strike any man in the face.” ~ A Camus

I really do feel pretty blessed lately.  I am happy and I feel like my world has expanded in the past year (post marital separation) to include new opportunities and people in my life.  Everyone has their ups and downs but all in all, I am quite lucky.  This past long holiday weekend I was invited to spend time at the Four Seasons resort in Scottsdale, a place I would have never been able to justify spending money on had I not been invited.  I did not shoot too much while there but did place my friend’s cowboy boots (from childhood) in a number of different scenarios in order to create a momento photo for the future.  This is not my favorite of the bunch but I ended up playing around with it so am posting it here.

These lil’ cowboy boots are almost half a century old and stood in the corner of Winslow, Arizona (where the owner grew up) long before it was a verse in an Eagle’s song.


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