“How frail the human heart must be, a mirrored pool of thought”~S Plath.

This is the place that called me to move from Phoenix up to Prescott in the northern part of Arizona.  I guess I fell in love with a few things here and this would be the major heart-throb. Who knows if I will stay forever but I do love a number of  things about the area. At this point with all that Arizona has to offer in terms of affordability, access to great spots to visit and moderate weather, I might have a hard time ever leaving.  I have 2 friends who are after me to move to NC and one who wants to reenact “Under the Tuscan Sun” in Italy. That sounds bold and interesting but I am sure that she is just dreaming out loud and not sure I’d be up for a cross Atlantic move.  But I do feel that besides my son, at this point I have little to consider as far as obligations are concerned.  I may get a travel trailer and live wherever the wind takes me!

I have shot this place, the Granite Dells, many times.  I have shot this particular scene many times. I find this spot to be the most poetic there, maybe because that little rock sits so balanced on top of the larger formation, almost like it is claiming its place in the world.  Maybe it’s that lone tree which juts out from the rock, Zen-like in its existence. As many times as I have shot this one little area, you’d think I’d have tired of it by now.  But I have not and I don’t think I ever will. There is always something a bit different: the water level and the variegated colors that it creates on the rocks, the clouds, the light, the greenery.  In this case it was the little pool of water in the foreground (most likely bolstered by this week’s abundant rain) and its reflection from the billowy clouds which caught my eye.

Nothing remains the same over time.  And if you had the choice, would you want it to?


4 thoughts on “Pool

  1. Love this! I think you need to let your heart decide. Visit those places and see if they call to you. I’d be in Tuscany in two minutes but it’s a huge lifestyle change, way more than NC, which is also gorgeous, especially Asheville.Sounds to me like you have no bad choices here. Good luck!

    1. Thanks! Yes, people who don’t include their hearts in decisions live half a life, IMHO. Italy is too far from my son but I could TRY it for say, a month or 2. 😉 But I’m not going anywhere for awhile!

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