“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”~A France

What I love about horses is how you can see their emotions and their essence through the eyes.  You can see fear and trust, confidence or wariness, alertness and tiredness, curiosity and indifference.  I find this true for horses even more so than dogs.  Maybe each person sees an animal’s emotions by virtue of their own personal connection to the species.  Maybe cat people see all this in cats (I can’t much in cats but can in dogs).  But it is one of the reasons I seek out horses to photograph. Whomever said animals have no soul probably had none his or herself.

In this case, I was coming home yesterday at sunset and veered off to the side of the road to shoot this guy and two of his friends. They were on top of a hill and I didn’t have much time before that sun would be below the hill, making shooting silhouettes the only possibility. (They actually wandered off before I could shoot their silhouettes, which I also wanted to do.)

I was notified by the Gods of Statistics that I now have 100 followers, reached 1000 likes this week and am at post #84. Thanks so much to everyone who comments, likes or subscribes!  Honestly, I try not to let statistics dictate too much. It is nice to be liked but each person must be proud of what he/she puts out, irregardless of the opinion of others. Everyone has their own special way of seeing things and their own artistic sensibilities; what appeals to one person might not in the least to the next. But I do appreciate everyone who has stopped by and would like to say “Thanks!”. And an apology if I am probably not as interactive on here as I should be…I try but know that I fall short at times.


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