“To love beauty is to see light.”~V Hugo

Horses are like people in the vast differences in their facial features.  This one was not a particularly pretty one but I loved the light and knew that it would make for a nice high key effect with her coloring.  I thought this was an albino horse (and possibly blind) but I learned after some research that there really are no albino horses, just various breeds of white ones.  But she had the weirdest eyes I have ever seen, actually lacking a round pupil and iris. Maybe she was blind, I’m still not sure. I did a textured version of another similar image (just for fun as I did not like the comp as much as it was too cut off at the mouth area) and it ended up making explore yesterday on Flickr…go figure!


My son has been visiting and he’s heading home today.  It was nice to have him here for a few days! Now back to college for him, although he is still within driving distance for visits.



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