“Take rest; a field that has rested gives a beautiful crop.”~ Ovid

Birches thriving in the Flagstaff area. I must say that Arizona is a much more diverse state than most and I think some people might be surprised to see some of the green growth in the mountainous areas.  I rode down a ski chair life on Sunday and while it was probably 100* in the Phoenix area, it was in the low 50s in Flagstaff after a storm had moved in (and out, in a matter of 15 minutes).  It was such a relief to actually feel chilly in the summer from something other than the a/c. The area is covered with pines and non-desert flora.  This area was strewn with birch trees.

If I were to try to cultivate a “style” of photography, I guess this would be it.  I like to use subtle textures to create a painterly effect.  My problem is I love it all:portraits, landscape, nature, vintage and abandoned, etc. so it’s hard for me to consciously do that.  I process according to the feel of a photograph and what I’d like to bring out.


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