“One that would have the fruit must climb the tree.” ~T Fuller

I have a love/hate relationship with Vegas. I find it fascinating in some ways…the hotels with all their different themes and good food and shows. Then there’s the flip side, the artificiality and excess, hordes of people, hawkers, etc.  I wonder how people can robotically sit at the slot machines for hours, pulling a lever like a monkey with the hope that a banana will fall out. That is not my idea of fun.  I go to Vegas and never even put a quarter in the machines; I’m not a gambler. And while it was too hot for me to do so this time, if you do go to Vegas, be sure to go to Valley of Fire.  It’s a very pretty natural oasis about an hour from the city and not to be missed for both photographic opportunities and the opportunity to escape the artificiality that is LV.

I am sorting through an excess myself right now…of images.  I still have images from the Las Vegas trip and have added to that a bunch of cowboy ones from this weekend.  I find that aspect of photography a bit daunting; purging, cleaning, organizing! It’s always an uphill climb for me to keep that area neat and tidy.


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