Tough times never last but tough people do.” ~ R Schuller

The Whiskey Row Shoot out took place here this weekend and I have a bunch of images that I have processed and some that I have yet to even unload.  The event is basically a bunch of cowboy re-enactors who perform skits and walk the town in their finest regalia and in character. I shot a lot of cowboys and a lot of cowboy boots.  So many boots that as I was leaving, one of the cowboys called out to me and asked, “Boot Lady, are you leaving?”. They are all so obliging and good-natured.  As one cowboy said to me, “We’re just a bunch of hams”.  I used to be much shyer when it came to portraits but now I lead them around (well, I actually just ask nicely 🙂 ) as to where I want them to stand, how to pose and to give me a certain look (mostly MEAN, GRRRRR…and they are pretty good at that. This guy looks pretty intimidating, doesn’t he? But talking to him out of character, he was sweet and a bit shy himself).   It’s all fun role-playing but they do take it pretty seriously!

Some faces just make for more authentic cowboys than others. This guy was in my opinion the most authentic looking.  Even his outfit was all worn and dusty, just the way a real cowboy might look.

I like to process my cowboy shots kind of grittier than I might normally for other portraits and I think the sepia tones here work well to convey the old-time Wild West mood.


3 thoughts on “Tough

  1. Yvonne Michlele @Photecstasy

    I LOVE Whiskey Row! My dad was born in Prescott, so we used to go there all the time when I was a kid! I need to take my kids there more often. It’s such a great town, with such a fantastic history. Great shot!

    1. Do you live in Phx now? I moved up here from the Valley area…I like it so much better. The town does have a lot to offer (except maybe job opportunities). It’s a nice biggish small town, 🙂

      1. Yvonne Michlele @Photecstasy

        I was actually born & raised in Phoenix. Third generation native… now living in Mesa. My daughter is having a baby at the end of the year, and she’ll be a fifth generation AZ native. I’d say that’s extremely rare. I love the desert… (according to my son “The Desert” technically refers to Afghanistan, lol)… but I can’t imagine living anywhere other than here. I don’t do well in small towns, but love to visit the ones we have so close to the Valley! We’re easily within an hour or two of some very amazing spots, don’t you think? 🙂 It’s nice to have a fellow Zonie in my circle!

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