“Nothing that grieves us can be called little:by the eternal laws of proportion a child’s loss of a doll and a king’s loss of a crown are events of the same proportion.”~M Twain

I still have (or my Mom does) a few of my old dolls, although I was never super attached to dolls. Confession:I found them kind of boring. The exception to that would have been my Chatty Cathy doll which had a collection of  “themed” records that you put into her back.  You’d  then pull her cord and she would spout out various sentences.  One record involved her being sick and I still remember some of the things she said (or in this case, whined), like “Are you going to take my temperature?”.  Then as a good little Mom in the making, of course you diligently did so. Well, most of the time.

Some of my favorite possessions of my childhood were kind of “different”.  I liked board games (I still do but I find it hard to find to find other victims, OOPS, I mean players as many people think they are boring).  I loved my Viewfinder (a portent to my love of photography?), Creepy Crawler maker and Easy Bake oven.  I belonged to a club that sent me various ethnic articles from around the world like drums, prayer wheels, origami animals, wind socks and kites, etc.  Now that I found super interesting.  And I had pet turtles, not the most engaging of all pet choices out there  (although we also had a dog).

I still find other cultures fascinating and love traveling to other parts, whether that be actual physical travel or mentally doing so as in reading a book or looking at photos.  I still like to cook.  I’m not too keen on plastic bugs anymore 🙂 and now would much rather have a dog than a turtle. And I am still searching for board game victims……


7 thoughts on “Doll

  1. Yvonne Michlele @Photecstasy

    p.s. I’d put down $20 that I’d slaughter you in a game of Monopoly. I was once 19th in the World. I know, a creepy title, and it was online… but it’s one of my few claims to fame. Great post.

  2. Chatty Cathy! My favorite that I never had was Patty PlayPal. There’s a story in this photo! It’s lovely and evocative. My Easy Bake Oven was retired after my best friend and I kept making Pea Green cakes because we kept mixing the flavors together! Maybe that’s why I’m not a cook. Thanks for sharing memories!

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