“Blue oblivion, largely lit, smiled and smiled at me.”~W Rose Benet

I will spend a lot of time shooting something I find interesting.  I could see the eyeballs rolling behind my head as I spent a good 20 minutes shooting these hydrangea from different perspectives. I ignore the rolling whenever possible. 🙂 I try to create a mood with my flower shots and that usually involves incorporating either dreaminess into the shot and/or bokeh (an addiction, for sure. Bokeh Anonymous…has it been founded yet?).

The light was right for dreamy and so is the subject itself…all soft periwinkle, white and green. I then enhanced the feel with my post processing.  If I can spend large blocks of time shooting one thing, I can spend even longer playing around in pp.  For me, the creative aspect to a shot is equal amounts of image planning and post processing…they go together and enhance each other like peanut butter and chocolate. Both must be of good quality on their own to be truly enjoyed but together they meld to create something even more special.

I was going to go to a town on old Route 66 today to wander about but ended up serendipitously spotting horses and stopped.  They belonged to an group that works with handicapped kids and adults and I ended up staying there for a bit.  And while I did not get any great shots, I think I have found an organization to which I will volunteer a few hours per week.


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