“Negligence is the rust of the soul, that corrodes through all her best resolves.”~ O Feltham

Shot in the eclectic little town  of Chloride, AZ, which was a short drive off the path on my way to Vegas.  It’s an old ghost town.  When I first moved here I thought ghost towns were mostly about….”ghosts” ( bwahahaha) but they are really just vintage, dilapidated and abandoned former mining towns.  There is usually an abundance of goodies there….old cars and gas pumps, falling down buildings and rusted mining equipment.  Who can rightfully resist that?  I love all that old stuff; the Route 66 leftovers, vintage vehicles, rust and barely hanging on to life structures.

I’m going through detox right now; too much food (and we’re not talking broccoli) and wine, not enough sleep, a lot of driving in the past week and a half. And then of course, there was work in between all that so I’m a bit behind on the home front.  My Mom used to read story books with me after dinner when I was a little girl and I always used to say “Let them soak.” when she told me she had to do dishes first. It’s no longer my overriding philosophy but at times, it is the right choice! Now I must get going and “do my dishes”. 😉


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