“If it weren’t for the rocks in its bed, the stream would have no song”.~C PerkinsA creek in Sedona.

I like to point out to people that Arizona is not only prickly cacti, tumbleweeds and dust.  There is plenty of all that but it’s also a very diverse state as far as ecosystems go.  No oceans here but pretty much most other types of environments can be found. Sometimes a profusion of greenery jolts my eyes though and that was the case here.  It reminded me a bit of a cabin I used to go to many years ago in the Catskills area of upstate NY.  There was a stream like this on the side of the property, not all that deep and surrounded in the summertime by green growth. It’s nice to be able to change your environment once in a while.

While everyone else in the photo group scrambled to the same area, I ended up in a completely different location and probably got completely different shots because of that. I’d never make a good lemming; I find myself going off on my own often! I personally think it’s scary when photographers in a group shuffle along en masse. Your own individual vision is what makes your photography unique and personally fulfilling and I think that in order to accomplish that, you have to dance to your own tune. I don’t understand why people would try to copy another’s style seems like negating one’s self to me. That being said, some locations are iconic and everyone wants that gorgeous Subway or vast Grand Canyon shot.  But when faced with still beautiful but more mundane locations, it’s almost necessary to explore options to express your own unique interpretation.


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