The seminar from the other day was pretty good but I guess when it boils down to it, I didn’t come away with all that much.  I had envisioned being able to photograph horses under better circumstances than I normally do (in a horse corral with the dreaded metal fence, plastic water barrels, tons of horse droppings, etc.) but in some ways, the shooting conditions were actually worse.  Silly me! There were no running horses in open fields (no accompanying rainbows, either 🙂 ) but added to the above-mentioned distractions were cars and people. Afterwards, the woman gave us a glimpse into how she processes her shots for a more artsy, painterly look.  The biggest thing I learned there was that I need to probably invest in Photoshop if I ever want to create some of the visions I have in my head.  So, this Fall I may just break down and buy Photoshop and head back to school for a class. I have one shot of 2 running horses that I love but need better cloning out skills to ever hope to do it justice.

I guess this whole thing is a process.  I started out barely processing my photos and since I have allowed myself the freedom to explore further on down the road, I will need both the tools and the knowledge to transform some of my ideas into something concrete.  I don’t think I will ever stray too far from the basic constraints of good composition, light and vision which should come from the initial click of the shutter but it is fun to play sometimes.

On another note, horses love me, probably because they know I love them.  Horse photography is an area of shooting I hope to explore more.  The more I shoot them, the more I realize that they are just like people with different faces, bodies, personalities and spirits.  I guess you can say the same for most animals (or maybe more precisely, most mammals).  If you look close enough, you can see how connected all living creatures are.

If this all makes no sense, I am blaming insomnia.  It’s 2 AM and I don’t believe I think my best in the middle of the night. But then again, maybe one’s brain is sleepy enough to quell multiple thoughts…hmm,I’m not sure if that’s ever true with my brain! I’ll probably save the post and re-read after a large jolt of caffeine in the morning.  And I won’t be thinking my best at work tomorrow if i don’t get to bed ASAP!

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