“Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.”~J Davis

On my way home from Phoenix the other day, I stopped by a small, rural town to shoot some photos.  I hadn’t shot anything in a day or two and decided to get my “photo fix” at Rock Springs Cafe.  There is not much to the town itself and the big claim to fame is this restaurant which is known throughout the area for their homemade pies.  

People stop by on their travels home or make the fairly long trip up there from the Phoenix area for Rhubarb Crumb, Jack Daniels Pecan, Tennessee lemon pie or maybe just plain old apple.  

The place itself is a mishmash of restaurant, bakery, bar, music venue, biker hangout, BBQ patio….whatever suits you.  It’s a real Arizona experience; slightly eclectic, down home and just gritty enough to make it not too antiseptic.

I have eaten there a few times but have had just pie more often than a meal. The food is basic but the pie is the draw.  Grandma could have made it..the Grandma that could cook.  For me that would have been my French Grandma and not the Irish one (sorry Grandma L).  The place is as American as apple pie, although I’d choose the blueberry crumb pie, my favorite.

And guess what?  I have no pie images.  Why?  Because I’d have had to have bought a pie and I was full from having just ate. And then there’s the dreaded “C” word with which I am always wrestling (CALORIES).

Maybe too much pie is what led to the demise of these poor people. 😉

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