“None of us got where we are solely by pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. We got here because somebody  bent down and helped us pick up our boots”

~T Marshall.
The title of this post maybe should be “Compromise”…or maybe “Settle”.  I want a new pair of cowboy boots.  They are gorgeous, gray with pink and teal colored flowers embroidered into the leather. BUT they are like $400.  Do you spend more money on something that you love or do you buy something you like and save $300?  I guess it boils down to whether or not you are compromising or settling.  Settling is almost never good, in my opinion.  Compromise can be though.  But the line between the two is often blurred.  And that’s when you must go with your heart, after some careful thought from the logical brain.

I’m still fantasizing about those dream boots………heart just may win out after all. Some people choose mostly with their heads, some with their hearts.  It’s best to combine the two but given my druthers, I’d choose with the heart most times.  It’s wiser in a more intuitive way. Now, if I could just convince the wallet! 😉

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