“Enthusiasm is the energy and force that builds literal momentum of the human soul and mind.”~ B McGill

Two old gas pumps on Route 66, textured x 2.

I shot for a bit around the Route 66 town of Williams, Arizona before heading up to the Grand Canyon on Sunday.  I took a few images with my camera but more with my phone. I must say that Instagram is growing on me. It’s just a completely fun app and I’m finding myself using it more and more  for light and playful image capturing.   The quality is not there (as opposed to the DSLR) but the portability and  carefree aspect sure is. And it frees the mind (well, my mind, anyway) from feeling like an image has to be done to “perfection”.  Perfection in one’s mind is not possible with the camera phone in the typical sense of the rules of photography so it ends up just being simple enjoyment . Not that I’d ever exchange it for my real camera but it’s become a nice adjunct to the photographic repertoire!


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