“Every speaker has a mouth; An arrangement rather neat.

Sometimes it’s filled with wisdom. Sometimes it’s filled with feet.”˜R Orben

I’m known to babble both but mostly I’m somewhere in between the two. 🙂

This image was taken at a car show that I passed by when I was driving around Phoenix a few weeks ago.  The man who owns the Bel Aire actually painted the speaker to match his car…nice touch.  I always wanted to take my son to a drive in movie theatre but they are an almost extinct breed and have never found one to do so.  I distinctly remember the experience of going to 2 movies as a child:one with my Grandma where we rode the bus to get to the theatre and the second one was seeing Mary Poppins (one of my favs as a child) at a drive in, all cuddled up in my pjs and pillow and blanket. I recall the sound from the speakers was super poor and we had to drive around looking for a “good”one that didn’t go snap , crackle and pop very 2 seconds. But I didn’t care about quality…I had my popcorn and soda and a new and interesting experience.  It was almost as magical as the goings on in the Mary Poppins movie itself.  So,  I went nostalgic and a bit dreamy with the processing here and then added a faded Polaroid picture frame, just to match my memory.

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