“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.” ˜B Moyers

I’m just having a bit of fun just playing around with this photo. I wanted a more painterly feel to it as opposed to a straight out of the box type of image.  I find I tend to process images not only based on the comp and feel of what I’d like to accomplish but also my mood.

These birds have the most piercing blue eyes. Upon enlarging the image, I also see that they have this kind of triangle designed lid around their entire eye.  I have included a severe but unedited crop of the bird in the forefront just to show both the color and design, which I found interesting. I bet they are great fishers too; that beak looks like it might be able to split clam shells!

Actually, I just researched the type and found out that these are cormorants, which I doubt are native to Arizona.   Where ever they are from, they have a unique beauty, for sure.


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