“You have to defeat a great player’s aura more than his game.”~P.Riley

Well, the “Supermoon” was quite pretty, although I have seen prettier Fall harvest ones which were actually both bigger and brighter colored.  It was also fairly obscured by a bit of cloud cover.  I’m not sure if in my case it lived up to its hype. My own image didn’t live up to the personal hype I had hoped would come out of the camera either :), but that happens sometimes. This is one instance where the image does not translate to what I actually saw in person.  The actual experience of seeing it peek up and materialize was better than what came out of the camera. It can be hard to fully enjoy the experience and be 100% in the moment of that experience when you are concentrating on shooting.  That’s actually one of the only negatives I have to say personally about my photography involvement but of course, all the benefits that I derive from this passion far outweigh that one negative. 


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