“A photographer must be prepared to catch and hold on to those elements which give distinction to the subject or lend it atmosphere.” ~B Brandt

It is the perceived atmosphere and essence of a subject that we try to capture and that is exactly why a bunch of photographers can look at the same scene and shoot differently. Your own perception is everything in photography; it shapes not only your personal style but it also shapes the style of your subject, too.  So, last night I brought my camera out with me with the intention of trying to capture a bit of the atmosphere of one of my local favorite restaurants here in Prescott, “El Gato Azul”.

It was evidently named after the kitty in the first image. I didn’t know they had blue cats in Spain! 😉

It’s a little tapas bar with a changing menu and nice surroundings.  I’m the type of person who rather have an appetizer and dessert than a big meal so I am completely at home here.

The weather was perfect, not too hot or too chilly, for sitting outside on the patio with a sangria (ok, 2 to be exact).  The trees are all turning green right about now and it was just very relaxing; live music in the background, good conversation and a comfortable, casual ambiance.


It lasted 2 seconds beyond this shot.

And you can end the night with chocolate ganache;  how can you go wrong?  If I were younger, I’d say “Nom,nom, nom”;  if I were Rachel Ray, I’d say “Yum-o”.  But as both those phrases give me a reason to want to smirk, I’ll just say it was delicious and leave it at that . Tonight’s dinner? A Lean Cuisine, fresh out of the microwave. 😦  Sigh


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