“Where wise actions are the fruits of life, wise discourse is the pollination.” ~ B McGill

Pollination in Action
Pollination in Action

I still have a bunch of photos to go through from my trip to the Southern California area but I like to keep things varied so I try not to post too many images in a row of the same subject. The good thing about that is that it pretty much leaves me shooting at least every other day, even if just for a passing shot or two. This afternoon I found some pretty poppies and where there are flowers, there are usually bees. I have no issues with bees, except when I step on one of them (or one of their cousins). They really are pretty amazing creatures; without bees, pollination would not occur and without that, the world we now know would change for the worse as far as our food supply is concerned. Bees are the bee’s knees! (In full disclosure, I acknowledge that that is a lame end to this post but I have to end it somehow, hive got to run). 🐝



“I still get wildly enthusiatic about little things….I play with leaves.  I skip down the street and run against the wind.” ~ L Buscaglia

Skipping Down The Ocean's Street
Skipping Down The Ocean’s Street

…..I step backwards without looking and takes pictures. And manage to step on a hornet.  On the beach, while barefoot.

Is there any other way to walk on the beach? :(

I yell out in pain.

Having been bit in the past by bees on my foot, I know that this hurt much more! We stopped, I hobbled over to a rock and we looked for the stinger. It was not until we got back to the hotel that we found the offending object and by then, it had probably depleted itself of its venom. My foot was swollen and red but I thought it was no big deal. Well, the next day I awoke to a horrible blue colored toe and multiple big blisters on the front of that toe. I was experiencing a severe allergic reaction. Not a good start to the vacation but the show must go on so I ducked into a CVS Minute Clinic and was given antibiotics, a dressing and a $75 bill. I knew if it had been a truly dangerous reaction, I’d have experienced more serious, potentially deadly issues right from the start but the redness that covered my entire foot was worrisome for infection.  And one week later, that toe is still bruised and red. That experience kind of put a damper on my whole “sand between your toes” beach trip but I walked in my trusty Merrells from there on in.

Will I walk barefoot the next time I am at the beach? You betcha. You have to skip down the street and run against the wind. Calculated risks and life’s little pleasures (beach sand between your toes is one of them) make this ride that we call life much more rewarding.




“But the watchful care of the parent is endless. The youth is never free from the danger of grating interference.” ~ W Goodwin

Watchful Mom And Pup
Watchful Seal Mom And Pup

A trip down to the La Jolla Children’s Pool brought me (and a bunch of other people) in contact to the seal post-breeding season effects of a nursery of sorts. There were at least 20 different moms and pups and they were not only in the closed off section where they normally congregate but also on the “people” beaches, where I had never seen them before. I suppose they are so used to humans that it doesn’t phase them enough to stay in their protected cove. People being what they are today were trying to actually get selfies with the seals, practically walking on them for their 15 seconds of fame. One HS tourist attempted to pet one…..Hello, it is not a dog. I tried to keep a respectable distance, although in seal body language I have no idea what that distance actually might be. But we eventually found a more private cove that the vast majority of humans hadn’t found and I just observed them from the side.

At one point, the baby here floundered its way into the ocean and Mom watched and then quickly followed. She stayed right by the pup’s side and seemed to be using her body to help guide the baby back on to the shore, helping to ease some of the breaking waves. Then they mosied on back to the exact same spot on the sand that they had previously claimed.

The seal cove was initially conceived to be a protected swimming area for children but the harbor seals and sea lions had another idea and it is now their domain. Some residents of La Jolla resent both the crowds that the animals draw and the stench they supposedly produce (the seals, not the humans. LOL I have never smelled anything in the 5 or so times I have been there). But as of late, there is another more concerning problem. Sea lion pups are coming to shore to various beaches in California, sick and starving. It is the 3rd such year in a row and scientists believe that their rapidly changing environment, speculated to be due to global warming, is leading to a scarcity of a food source. In my most pessimistic days, I wonder if we have caused irreparable damage to this planet in which we live. What a sad concept that might be.  I prefer to stay optimistic, though, but sometimes that requires burying my head in the sand.


“In the scope of a happy life, a messy desk or an overstuffed coat closet is a trivial thing, yet I find – and I hear from other people that they agree – that getting rid of clutter gives a disproportionate boost to happiness.” ~ G Rubin

Vintage Mess
Vintage Mess

Sometimes, little things do make you more content and balanced. Clearing out clutter is one of them. I have a small 2 bedroom condo and besides the here and there when my son comes up here to visit ( I mostly trek down to the Phoenix area to see him), I use it for storage. I have boxes of Christmas items, home decorations, clothes, etc. from when I moved here and “downsized” to a much smaller place. Once you really start thinking about it, there is very little that you love and need as far as material possessions are concerned. Yes, you need comfort and to surround yourself with some beauty but it is the overkill of “stuff” that weighs you down. Downsizing that 2nd bedroom is one of my New Year resolutions that I still have yet to tackle (blush, It’s March already!! How did that happen?).


“About the old tower, dark against the sky,
The beat of my wings hums,
I circle about God, sweep far and high
On through milleniums.

Soleri birds (1 of 1)

Am I a bird that skims the clouds along,
Or am I a wild storm, or a great song?”~R M Rilke

I am in Tempe visiting my son and I made a point yesterday to stop at Canal Convergence at the Scottsdale waterfront. It is a twice a year event, celebrating the Salt River Project canal, water ( of course, a very precious commodity in the desert) and the Equinox.  It’s mostly art installations in and around the canal and the Paolo Soleri designed bridge (part of which is shown above), including various performances. Prescott used to have an all day performance and art event called Tsunami in The Square that I really enjoyed but that ended last year so I now usually try and make it here to get an outdoor art fix. It is really best seen at night, everything is all lit up, including the flowers floating in the water below. Rain threatened yesterday to help fill up that canal but it never really materialized, exactly why water is such a precious commodity here and celebrated!

canal (1 of 1)


Enjoy the weekend. ☺︎