“About the old tower, dark against the sky,
The beat of my wings hums,
I circle about God, sweep far and high
On through milleniums.

Soleri birds (1 of 1)

Am I a bird that skims the clouds along,
Or am I a wild storm, or a great song?”~R M Rilke

I am in Tempe visiting my son and I made a point yesterday to stop at Canal Convergence at the Scottsdale waterfront. It is a twice a year event, celebrating the Salt River Project canal, water ( of course, a very precious commodity in the desert) and the Equinox.  It’s mostly art installations in and around the canal and the Paolo Soleri designed bridge (part of which is shown above), including various performances. Prescott used to have an all day performance and art event called Tsunami in The Square that I really enjoyed but that ended last year so I now usually try and make it here to get an outdoor art fix. It is really best seen at night, everything is all lit up, including the flowers floating in the water below. Rain threatened yesterday to help fill up that canal but it never really materialized, exactly why water is such a precious commodity here and celebrated!

canal (1 of 1)


Enjoy the weekend. ☺︎


” Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears.” ~ B Johnson 

1950 Ford Truck
1950 Ford Truck

Okay, folks….I have something to tell you. Have you been following the story of “the dress”? You know, the internet dress photo that people see as either white and gold or blue and black? If you have not, here’s just one link about the chaos:

When I read about it, it immediately interested me as a photographer. Color (or lack of it, as in monotone) is of utmost importance in conveying what you want to “say” in an image and to its pleasing aesthetics. So I immediately went to a few sites that offered some explanations and based on those articles, I decided “I must have a lot of cones vs. rods in my eyeballs” as the dress was clearly blue and black in my mind. I could not even fathom how anyone could possibly see white and gold. I kept the above website up and decided to go into another area of the house and put on some makeup in my heavily lit (incandescent light)  bathroom. Lo and behold, I come back to my screen and the dress magically changed before my very eyes to white and gold!  So, you also probably do not just see the dress as EITHER blue/black or white/gold (as I had initially thought true according to some of the articles) but in both,  depending on the light you have been exposed to prior to viewing. To prove that, I immediately started just messing around on my computer for a bit to give my eyes time to adjust (in a naturally lit room and where I initially saw it as blue and black) with the above website still up and when I went back to that dress once more… had changed back to blue and black!  Incandescent light (yellow hued) vs. daylight (blue hued)? Could it be that there is white balance mechanism in our very own eyes? I cannot tell you anything about that aspect, if true. I’ll leave that to the real scientists. I just stayed at the Holiday Inn last night (American ad joke) so take what I say with a grain of salt.

I can now drop the dress off at the cleaners ; I am satisfied with it being about the quality of light I had been exposed to just prior to viewing it. Taylor Swift can stop panicking and Kim and what’s his name can not have this be the straw that breaks their marriage’s back.

Oh, and the truck above? Decidedly YELLOW.


“May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children.” ~RM Rilke

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Flow Like Water

I took a walk the other day and the brisk wind chilled my face and caused my hair to fly like a kite but I find something very satisfying about that. It makes me feel so alive. Too cold of a breeze and it can make me shut down and cause me to want to run for cover, too hot and I feel drained and less energetic so I do really enjoy a brisk day here and there. I climbed up on the rocks hoping to get a shot of the snow-capped San Francisco peaks in the distance (in Flagstaff, some 75ish miles away) but I could not quite get at the right angle and gave up on that idea. You can’t always get what you want so sometimes you just have to go with the flow.


“with so much curious softness,
shining into itself, right up to the rim” RM Rilke

Soft Tulip
Soft Tulip


Even though it is cooler today, spring is in the air here in Arizona. Those people caught up in the depths of winter will be entitled to say “Nah, nah, nah , nah” come summertime but this is a post to my second favorite season (after autumn),  all light and soft and full of new promise.  Don’t worry, no matter where you are: Spring is coming.


Apple Tree

“Bring a concertina after sunset under the apple tree.
Let romance stutter to the western stars, “Excuse … me…”~ C Sandburg

blossoming (1 of 1)
Early Blossoming on An Apple Tree

I know many people are now experiencing a ton of snow and chilly temps but the winter here in the SW has been a warm and dry one. While that might seem to be a good thing to those buried under a few feet of snow, it means that the drought here continues on and that we will once again be highly susceptible to wildfire…not such a good thing. The blossoms are about a month early indicating that winter may just pretty much bypass us completely this year!  I was hoping for more snow than the meager 2″ we got at New Year’s Eve day but Mother Nature has a mind of her own. Just like most women. ;)


“In every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.” -Rachel Carson

Story in The Sand
Story in The Sand

Nature’s painting, done as an abstract,  in sand.

Visiting SC made me miss the ocean. The beach there has nice white, fine sand and the water was a pretty green-blue. As it is currently off-season, I pretty much had the beach to myself so I am not sure about enjoying the experience come summertime but right now, it is very peaceful.  I lived out in the Hamptons for a few years and always loved the 3 off seasons and dreaded summer with the influx of people, traffic, etc. There is no Utopia, for sure. The mountains with their wide-open spaces and vastness are wonderful but so is the coast!