“There are times when fear is good. It must keep its watchful place at the heart’s controls.” – Aeschylus

Watchful Eye

Watchful Eye

I work in a town called Chino Valley and it looks like it might sound. Full of open land, farms, small town vibes.  When I first moved here, I felt like a visit there was like one to another world: so rural compared to NY, it was almost like taking a trip to a foreign country. It’s amazing how one gets used to his/her environment. I now think it is just quaint, not foreign. I took my camera out at lunchtime and shot this watchful horse.  He would have come over for a pet but a trench, not fear, separated us.

Horses seem to love me. One time I was at a wild horse and burro auction and a trainer was demonstrating how to start breaking one of the horses.  It ran around the corral while the demonstrator showed some of his techniques. It was a bit spooked and I could see its fear and at one point it stopped right near me. I started to talk to it in my horse tone and it just looked at me for a few seconds. The next time it stopped right next to me and let me touch it while I whispered sweet nothings in its ear. The trainer was shocked…he said he had never seen that kind of behavior before out of a wild horse. I thought maybe that horse was supposed to be mine but realistically,  it was an impossibility at that point in time. Maybe someday I will adopt one. That is, when I get out of a condo! HOA rules would most certainly frown on a horse in the spare bedroom.



“There is a love of wild nature in everybody, an ancient mother-love showing itself whether recognized or no, and however covered by cares and duties” ~J Muir

Willowlakeprettypurpleflower (1 of 1)

Delicate Wildflowers

I took a walk yesterday on a trail near my home. The abundant rain has created a carpet of green growth and the wildflowers and insects were having a field day. :) I was chasing around these shockingly orange butterflies that refused to land for more than a second and was unable to get even one shot of them so decided to focus elsewhere. Everything is just so lush now…..going off the trail path means wading through green brush. I try to be careful where I walk for 2 reasons: one, not to just indiscriminately trudge through what nature has created and two, RATTLESNAKES. While not as common as in the desert, they are here in Prescott and that is about the last thing I’d want to have to go through!

Willowlakedamselfly (1 of 1)


Willowlakebeetle (1 of 1)

Home for A Day


“Some of our important choices have a timeline. If we delay a decision, the opportunity is gone forever. Sometimes our doubts keep us from making a choice that involves change. Thus, an opportunity may be missed. ~J Faust 

Arc Watson Lake (1 of 1)

Pretty Clouds And A Cool Arc of Light over Watson Lake

Things are all green these days since we have received some substantial rainfall in the last few weeks.  The monsoon clouds brought me out near sunset to see if anything would develop. And there were a few clouds over the lake that did start changing color, and a white “rainbow” that turned to dark gray as the sun further set. You can kind of see the arc here as it had changed to a more gray-ish color. I had never seen that before.  It was literally like an albino rainbow that extended from the side of the lake shown here and then across to the other side of the road and up into a big cloud that was sitting on that opposite side. Strange. It was humid and I was sweating and I became a mosquito magnet in no time and left right after sunset.

And as I drove home……nearby Granite Mountain had a storm cell over it and a fiery sky. Monsoons sure do create some crazy beautiful clouds!

Granite Mountain

Granite Mountain


“Life is like a message in a bottle, to be carried away by the winds and the tides.”~G Tierney
Sunflowers in Wine Bottle tex

Yes, we do not have control over the currents but we can still try and navigate the seas. This is my favorite wine bottle and the only one I have kept once emptied. I have had it for at least a decade now and use it as a vase every so often. Today’s flowers are the very prolific wild sunflowers that come bursting out of the ground at this time of year here in Arizona and elsewhere throughout the Western US.

Umm, I have not posted in a week or so and my first thought regarding this new look is ….”hit switch back to the classic mode button, I don’t like this new layout!”. On the other hand, I dislike when people just automatically reject change so I will try it out before reacting. It doesn’t seem any easier, though. Am I missing something? And where is spell check?? THAT is scary. Where is preview (where I personally try to catch my mistakes and just evaluate how the whole post looks)? Maybe I will just hit the “switch back”button after all. OK, just found preview button. :) I previewed, now I cannot find the “Publish”button. LOL


“Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.”~K Gibran

Singer in Bokeh

Singer in Amplified Bokeh

 Prescott has concerts in its quaint Courthouse Square during the summer months……..bring a chair and sit under the trees and listen to music and dance.  Most of the bands are homegrown and some are really pretty good. A bottle of wine and some cheese….I am good to go!


““The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you’ve had.” – Author Unknown

porch (1 of 1)

I love that this looks like it could be somewhere in rural America in the 1940s.

I sometimes like silence and the comfort of being with someone you are so close to that  you do not have to say one word and yet  still feel right at home with them.  But I admit I like to talk even more so. :)  And I also think that laughter is my favorite component of enjoying someone’s company. Laughter is just one glue to the bond between people but a pretty important one, IMO.  I love to giggle and crack up and act silly around my close friends. That is a side of me that acquaintances might be surprised to see. What can I say, I am a Gemini in some ways!

Well, another start to the week!  Have a wonderful one.


“Stop a minute, right where you are. Relax your shoulders, shake your head and spine like a dog shaking off cold water. Tell that imperious voice in your head to be still.”~B Kingsolver

Sulpher Butterfly on Scabiosa (1 of 1)

Butterfly on Scabiosa

I read somewhere that AZ would have a lot of rain and snow this coming rest of the year and so far, that prediction has been right.  Not nearly enough as of yet to make a dent in filling the lakes here back up to their former state or abating the drought but some progress must be being made.  I took a friend out for her birthday last night and we sat in the rain (under umbrellas) while eating. It was kind of fun but cold. I’d have actually worn a sweater had I brought one! I can’t wait for fall and sweater weather.  And all things pumpkin! :)  But for now, it’s another overcast, humid day here and I think I will head out and do some shooting. Have a nice weekend!


“One must know the so-called “lesson of a downpour.” A man, caught in a sudden rain en route, dashes along the road not to get wet or drenched. Once one takes it for granted that in rain he naturally gets wet, he can be in a tranquil frame of mind even when soaked to the skin. This lesson applies to everything.”~Y Tsunetomo 

Fear Not The Rain

Fear Not The Rain

It was still raining a bit when I shot this and the rocks were all wet and the trees seemed so green, much greener than normal. It reminded me of a painting and it took on a whole new look compared to the normal look of rocks that I pass by almost every day. There is something gorgeous about the sunlight after it breaks through the clouds after a storm  It bathes everything in a gold-ish hue. Some of that light was just starting here, which also added to the painterly feel.

Oh, and see if you can find the troll’s profile in the rocks…or maybe it’s an ogre. Or a mean Grumpy the dwarf.